The pupils enjoy a vast range of enrichment activities which build a strong sense of confidence so that each individual can be a valued member of the community. The atmosphere of the school is warm, friendly and calm. Older pupils take on roles of responsibility led by the Head Boy and Head Girl and each class from Pre-Reception to Year Two has school councillors.

As well as offering the National Curriculum, the school employs a number of specialist teachers to offer activities such as Art, Chess, Creative Writing, Dance, Drama, Football, Gym, Music, Recorder, Sport, Swimming, Yoga and Violin. There are performance opportunities throughout the year as well as visits from professionals to inspire, as well as to develop an understanding of the world.

The pupils’ outcomes are good because of the wide and complimentary range of skills offered by the teachers.

The children’s reading is of a very high standard due to individual daily reading practice drawing on a range of books from different reading schemes.

The school participates in ‘Take One Picture’, a year-round project organised by The National Gallery which encompasses all areas of the curriculum, culminating in a visit to the picture itself at the gallery.

The school partakes in the Walk on Wednesday initiative and is very proud of receiving the gold accreditation certificate as well as Top School Award nominated by Barnet from Transport for London.

Summer Garden Fete


Saturday 8th June


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