Year Two

Year Two

Continuing with Key Stage One, the Year Two programme offers a detailed curriculum in all subjects to a high standard. The class community instils good citizenship skills with a high level of courtesy and responsibility. The programme of learning ensures that the children are well prepared for their future schools. Emphasis is also given to personal, social and communication skills so that each child is able to present themselves with confidence and self-respect.

Children in Year Two are six on the 1st of September. Gym, Drama, Dance, Chess, Recorder, Sport, Swimming, Singing and Yoga are part of the curriculum. Optional extras include Before School club from 8am, After School Clubs until 4pm as well as Violin and Individual Singing lessons.

Topic work is supported by individual research and class trips which extend the children’s general knowledge and cements a positive attitude towards learning. Children give presentations on their area of research.

Year Two pupils nominate their School Counsellor each half-term.  Each of the pupils have the honour of being Head Boy or Head Girl for half a term.

Through her in-depth knowledge and relationship with the future schools, the Head is in a strong position to guide and support the parents through the future school process for Year Three.

Preparations for the 7+ assessments are comprehensive and age-appropriate with emphasis on breadth, individual targets and setting high standards. Results have been consistently good and by far the majority of pupils are offered places at their preferred school for Year Three.

The Year Two pupils conclude their life at Annemount with Graduation. This is a formal ceremony celebrating their accomplishments. Graduation offers closure to a place they have known as home, as well as looking forward to the next stage of their educational journey. Heads of schools are invited as well as the previous year’s graduates.

Annemount alumni keep in touch with the school and inform the school of their progress and accomplishments, which are many.

Annemount alumni come to the school for work experience or Gap Year assistant work, teach in the school and even send their own children to be educated at this very special world where they know the pupils will be safe, loved and learning!

All leavers are invited back to school for a Leavers’ Tea at the end of their first term at their new school. This allows them to share their experiences about their new schools while also reinforcing their Annemount connection.

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