About Us

About Us

Annemount School was established in 1936 and welcomes girls and boys from the age of two and three quarters until they are seven years old. The school is set in a beautiful garden near Hampstead Heath in Hampstead Garden Suburb, London N2.

The aim of the school is to bring out the individuality of each child so that they can realise their potential with self-discipline and respect. The philosophy of the school is to encourage good character and citizenship so that each individual can be a valued member of the community. The atmosphere at the school is warm, friendly and calm.

The National Curriculum is taught to a high standard. In addition to the curriculum, the children enjoy drama, dance, chess, computing, gym, music and swimming. We also offer clubs after school and during the holidays. Children over five are taken on outings to places of interest such as concerts, museums, galleries and exhibitions.

Annemount School prepares children for the prestigious North London schools and supports families with their applications.

Inspection Report November 2022


The quality of the pupil academic and other achievements was found to be excellent, and as importantly, so was the quality of pupils’ personal development.