Year One

Year One

Entering Key Stage One, the pupils are encouraged to think for themselves and manage the school day independently with courtesy and respect. The children engage in an exciting and inspiring curriculum following the National Curriculum, which aims to encourage focus, good study skills and a strong sense of achievement as well as an understanding of the wider world. Core activities are taught with a cross-curricular approach; capturing interest and a passion for learning.

Children are also taken on outings to places of interests to enhance their topics. These include going to Hampstead Heath with Rangers, visiting museums with specialist guides and visiting different places of interest within the community such as places of worship.

There are dedicated weeks such as Science Week, Maths Week or Celebrating the Arts Week when the whole school engages in specific areas of learning supported by workshops and outings.

Pupils enter Year One when they are still five on 1st September. All children wear uniform and stay for the full-day. Gym, Dance, Chess, Recorder, Sport, Singing, Swimming and Yoga are part of the curriculum and taught by specialist teachers. Optional extras include Before School Club from 8am, After School Clubs until 4pm as well as Violin and Individual Singing lessons.

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