Music is a strong feature of the school and all children are encouraged to appreciate and enjoy different expressions of music.

The school focuses on a classical composer each term such as Bach.

Each day the pupils are welcomed with music as they go about their morning preparations.

Music is part of the curriculum and children learn to sing and use different instruments (as well as make their own) to make music together and practice rhythm and pitch.

The benefits of music include improved memory and focus as well as feeling good!

Violin is taught to a high standard by a specialist teacher. About a third of the pupils take up this option and motivate each other. They also have group lessons which encourage good listening and turn-taking.

The sessions develop coordination and concentration, good posture, confidence and memory skills, self-correction, multi-tasking and sequencing as well as self-discipline. There is an endless list of how learning an instrument contributes to general study skills. In essence practice and effort reap rewards. The violinists are invited to perform in assemblies and for an annual concert and have the respect of their peers which motivates them all the more.

The children in Year One and Year Two also learn the recorder and music notation (theory) and perform in assemblies and for Graduation.

Individual Singing is particularly popular and the school has a Choir Club.