Music is a strong feature of the school and all children are encouraged to appreciate and enjoy different expressions of music.

Music is part of the curriculum and children learn to sing and use different instruments (as well as make their own) to make music together and practise rhythm and pitch. Each day the pupils are welcomed with music as they go about their morning preparations. The benefits of music include improved memory and focus as well as feeling good!

Each term, the school focuses on a classical composer, such as Bach, or a genre of music, such as Latin American.

Our Pre-Reception pupils have regular music and movement sessions. These uplift, energise and encourage optimum physical development. Singing is encouraged daily, a wonderful addition to wellbeing as well as aiding memory and developing language skills through rhyme. Individual Singing Lessons as well as Violin can begin from the earliest age at Annemount. Dance is also an option amongst our youngest pupils in which music and rhythm are a feature.

Singing and music, including drumming and dance, are integral to the curriculum. Year One and Year Two pupils also learn the recorder and music notation (theory). All of these sessions are taught by specialist teachers.

Violin is taught to a high standard by a specialist teacher. About a third of the pupils take up this option and motivate each other. The sessions develop coordination and concentration, good posture, confidence and memory skills, self-correction, multi-tasking and sequencing as well as self-discipline. There is an endless list of ways as to how learning an instrument contributes to general study skills. Most importantly, the programme of study instils the importance of practice and patience to gain mastery, a valuable life skill.

After School Clubs include a professionally-taught Choir who often attend local residential homes to sing and perform for the residents.

Annemount offers many performance opportunities throughout the school year and in the summer there is a dedicated violin concert with special guest players amongst former pupils, adding to the programme and accentuating the progress that is made over time.

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