Achieve Arts Speech and Drama School are one of the top LAMDA providers in North London who deliver weekly LAMDA classes to Annemount pupils in Year One and Two.  In the weekly drama sessions, the specialist teacher works on important life skills such as vocal projection, vocal diction, confidence building, concentration skills, improvisation, script work and performing arts skills.

Achieve Arts are registered as a private centre with LAMDA and they have a 100% success rate in all LAMDA examinations. The team are highly experienced, having all trained at accredited Drama Schools and they work on LAMDA graded material with our students.

The teacher works on Introductory and Entry Level LAMDA material and when pupils are ready, each student is nominated for their LAMDA exam. It is a wonderful accomplishment and each student feels proud of themselves and it is a huge confidence building experience.

Inspection Report November 2022


The quality of the pupil academic and other achievements was found to be excellent, and as importantly, so was the quality of pupils’ personal development.