Continuing with the Foundation Stage, Reception children engage in a rich and balanced curriculum which ignites their curiosity and is both practical and formal.

Pupils are taught to read, write, count, investigate, problem-solve and communicate effectively.

Individuality is respected and encouraged. The programme of learning is varied, enjoyable and stimulating and takes place both indoors and outdoors.

The focus for the pupils is to develop thinking skills and independence. There is also an emphasis on creativity, play and fun!

Children are welcomed to Reception when they are still four on the 1st September. All Reception children are in school in full uniform for the full day until 3.00pm.  Pupils may also elect to learn Violin and enjoy Individual Singing lessons during the school day as well as Before School Club from 8am and After School Clubs until 4pm.

Summer Garden Fete


Saturday 8th June


Everyone Welcome !