Home Learning

Home Learning

30th April 2020

Our Reception pupils have sent the school this wonderful message during April 2020 Lockdown.

We would just like so say a BIG thank you to all the teachers at Annemount. We are so impressed with all the hard work that has been put in these past weeks so our children can continue to learn and develop. It is so comforting to see our child full of excitement every morning knowing he will see his peers and wonderful teachers, he is therefore happy to complete his daily tasks. We are grateful for all your efforts, continuous love and support and so happy to be a part of the Annemount family. The dancing video truly made our day!


You all must have put so much time and effort into setting this up and it looks really comprehensive and exciting for the children.


Teachers have film director degrees- amazing- they have managed to do all that and get it all on line- I know what goes on with planning and get it all on line so quickly.


I’ve been really impressed with the Seesaw platform. It’s easy to use and child-friendly. The activities have been very accessible, pitched at just the right level for the right length of time and have been fun to do together. Our son really enjoys the morning Zoom call as a way to keep in touch with everyone. Feedback has also been swift and much appreciated by us to help it feel like a two-way process with school. Even the reading has worked more smoothly than I had anticipated without physical books.


The material is great, so much fun…you have all done such a great job, what a huge amount of work, it is really fantastic…the zoom calls are working really well, seeing friends


It is incredibly enjoyable.


Overall, we want to say a big thanks for all the hard work the staff are clearly putting in. All your smiles and positive energy provide an uplifting start to each day and help give us a bit of motivation and focus for the day’s activities.


What a great job all of us are doing, I was apprehensive, the platform is great, the tasks are varied, combination creative fun and academic, feedback from all of us, the support is astonishing, so, so impressed.


Thank you for all the work that has been done, a big effort to get the content together


It is all working fine, I think you are doing an amazing job if I compare it to other schools.


He is loving it, he is taking everything so seriously, he is enjoying it, he wants everything to be perfect, he is putting a lot of effort into it…we absolutely loved the singing this morning, it was lovely. The end of the day the videos with the little stories are so adorable….


We just wanted to drop you (and all the staff) a note to say thank you for the enormous effort you are obviously all making with the online learning. She looks forward to her lessons and is finding them engaging and her face absolutely lights up when she receives feedback from you all.


The morning assemblies are a wonderful way to start the day and she is so pleased to see all of her friends and teachers.


We can see the amount of work that has gone into getting things set up and the planning of the lessons, so just wanted to say thank you!



Well done to you and the team for kicking off the term with such enthusiasm and commitment. We hugely appreciate it and we know our daughter is enjoying being reconnected with everyone.


Just wanted to let you know that  he has had a great day and loved the format and activities he was assigned today. I think he does still feel connected to you all and hearing your voices and reading your messages have really made him smile. We think the format has been really successful and we can see how much hard work has gone into it by you all, thank you!


You’ve done such an amazing job- we keep on admiring it…we really appreciate it, I know it is not easy… he is really enjoying it- structuring the day…he really likes the Zoom meet and greet…

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