Sport is a strong feature of the school and all children are encouraged to be active and to understand the importance of exercise and its health benefits.

Children are encouraged to begin their day by walking, scooting, cycling or park-and-striding to school each day.

Year One and Year Two children walk round the block before their formal lessons begin to stimulate their minds and to be ready for the school day.

Gymnastics, Dance, Yoga, Swimming and PE are taught within the curriculum by specialist teachers.


Gymnastics is taught at the Hendon Sports Hall in a fully-equipped gymnasium by specialist teachers. There is an emphasis on taking risks, control, focus, balance and coordination with personal targets and challenges.


Swimming is taught at Poolside Manor (designed for children) with specialist teaches. Children graduate through different levels and are taught in ability groups. The sessions strengthen the core and muscles and motivate the children, developing their confidence and sense of achievement.


Yoga at Annemount offers opportunities to find inner calm as well as develop optimum alignment, balance and strength.

Children love the different poses and practising different breathing exercises, which in turn offer life skills to counter feelings of tension or worry.


PE is taught year round by specialist teachers as part of the curriculum. Children are introduced to a range of athletic disciplines to develop their focus, hand-eye coordination, speed, strength and balance as well as team-skills and spatial awareness.

Football Club

This hugely popular club gives our children the opportunity to develop their physical skills of speed, agility and balance by controlling or tracking a ball and introduces them to strategic thinking and collaborative working whilst having fun, building their self-esteem and fostering the joy of participating in team games from a young age.

The school has its own football strip which the children are very proud of.

Annemount hosts the Under 7s ISA Football Tournament each year and has won two years running! Medals and trophies have been awarded by Premier League football players and the champions toured Wembley Stadium!

Athletics Club

The children are introduced to a range of athletic disciplines; they can try sprinting to relay running, long jump, high jump and triple jump and shot put, javelin and discus throwing. All of these skills stretch the children physically, builds their core strength, and gets them thinking about how they can use their body to achieve their personal best.