Options and Extras Pre-Reception

Options and Extras Pre-Reception

Annemount requires written notice by Monday 8th Janaury 2024 of any child not attending school during the Summer Term 2024 otherwise the full fee for Summer Term 2024 will be charged in lieu.

Administrative notes:

• We reserve the right to cancel an offering if there is not enough interest to make it viable. • Optional extras are selected on the option form before the start of each term and invoices are drawn up accordingly. • Please remember that options do not carry over from term to term (with the exception of violin) and you have to re-select them each term. Changes to selections following the payment of invoices will be charged to the next term. • All changes (additions or deletions) made after the start of term are subject to a £10 administration fee. • After the first week of clubs, refunds will only be made for ½ term’s fees. • Anyone wanting to join a club prior to half-term will be charged full term prices, and those joining following half-term will be charged half fees. There is no prorating to weeks. • Violin requires half-term’s notice for those wishing to discontinue lessons and can only be stopped at half-term or the end of term.

Inspection Report November 2022


The quality of the pupil academic and other achievements was found to be excellent, and as importantly, so was the quality of pupils’ personal development.