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    1103 - 1105 Finchley Road,

    London NW11 0QB

    020 8209 0999

    Our suppliers will work directly with you.

    Woolly hats, baseball-caps for summer, shoe bags and book bags with the Annemount logo are available from the school office and will be invoiced when your child joins Annemount.  Football strip is also available through the school for club members. Please contact the school should you need a replacement.

    Swimming bags are given to Year One and Year Two pupils. Replacements can be purchased from the school office.

    The PTA organises gently used Uniform Sales once a term.


    White polo shirt with Annemount logo, Sweat Shirt and Jogger Suit.  All Kindergarten pupils wear regulation Summer uniform in the Summer Term. Please see below for details.

     Full regulation uniform is required for all children attending full days.

     All children must have a regulation navy, all-weather coat.


    Full Day Boys


    Summer Winter
      White polo shirt with Annemount logo Shirt, white long sleeved
      Shorts, navy  Tie
      Pullover Trousers, navy corduroy
      Socks, white  Pullover
      Shoes, navy or black Socks, navy
      Summer baseball-cap Shoes, navy or black
        Annemount woolly hat
        Gloves or mittens on strings, navy
    The navy, all-weather coat, blazer and navy shoe bag are mandatory for all pupils.

    Full Day Girls

    Summer Winter
      Dress Shirt, long sleeve polo
      Cardigan Kilt
      Socks, white Tights white
      Shoes, navy Shoes, navy
      Summer Baseball Cap

    Annemount woolly hat

        Gloves or mittens on strings, navy
    The navy, all-weather coat, blazer and named, navy shoe bag are mandatory.
    Special Uniforms
    Football Annemount football strip can be worn by all children attending Football Club on Fridays and can be ordered through the office. Children choosing not to wear the Annemount football kit are required to wear their school sports kit.
    Dancing Girls: Y1 and Y2 girls wear compulsory aqua dance leotards from Uniform 4 Kids; all other girls can wear a leotard of their choosing, tights and ballet shoes and bag.
    Boys: joggers and black ballet shoes or bare feet. 
    These items must all be named and kept in a bag specifically for ballet.
    Swimming All swimmers should have named one-piece swimming costume or trunks, cap  and towel. These items should be brought in on Fridays in the Annemount Swimming bag. Any child with a verruca must have a verruca sock which is available at the chemists (as per pool regulations).
    Wellies Occasionally the children are asked to bring in Wellingtons to school. Please ensure that these are also named.
    Compuslsory Items Woven tags are available from Uniform 4 Kids.  All items of uniform are to be named using woven name tapes which we preferred to be sewn into children’s clothing.  Unnamed clothing that is lost will be donated to the PTA to resell at its Second-Hand Uniform Sale.
    Jewellery Neither jewellery nor nail-varnish are allowed in school. All hair accessories must be navy blue.