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    Extra Curricular

    The school offers an unusually wide range of extracurricular activities for a Pre-Prep and takes these subjects seriously with dedicated and experienced teachers. The school believes that its breadth contributes both to the academic success of the pupils and their joy for learning.

    Children can sign up for Dance, Violin and French from the age of three.

    Choir and individual singing lessons as well as After School Clubs are on offer from Reception.

    After School Clubs include Cookery, Science, Art, Athletics and Football as well as a 7+ Club.

    The school has a very active football team with its own strip, which the children really love. Football Club happens on a Friday afternoon at the pitch at Lyttleton Playing Fields.

    In Year One and Year Two the children learn all of the following subjects as part of their school day and gain considerable competency: Chess, Recorder, French,  Dance, Singing, Gymnastics and Swimming. Gymnastics, Dancing and Monday's Sport take place at Hendon Sports Hall. Swimming takes place at Poolside Manor.

    Cello will be introduced from 2017.

    Around a third of the children learn the violin at school – it gives them a strong foundation for their study skills, such as concentration, memory and perseverance, and those who keep it up tend to do exceptionally well academically. The violinists perform in a dedicated concert in the Summer Term and have also performed at the Proms at St Jude's!

    All optional extras take place within school hours except for the After School Clubs. Choir takes place once a week before school starts.

    In addition to the programme, the school offers support for Literacy, Handwriting and Creative Writing as well as targeted classes for English as an Additional Language. The school has a specialist Learning Support teacher.